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Branding & IP Design

MORUS understands what it takes to bring your business to the next level. We ensure your branding is consistent, effective and highly professional.

Branding & IP design are essential ingredients of a business's ongoing success, and we at Morus provide the inspirational tools needed to bring your brand to life.


When your customers engage with your business, we aim to create a memorable impression that resonates with them.


The way your brand is perceived is crucial as it defines your image and story.


Where Creativity Meets Quality Design

MORUS has assisted national and international brands in their growth.

A core value of ours is that by helping businesses achieve their goals, we achieve ours, too.


With a collective 15 years of experience in the branding, marketing, interior design and franchise industries, we are confident in delivering results that exceed your expectations.

A successful brand should represent more than a name and a logo, but instead evoke positive feelings.

MORUS provides our clients with the assurance that we can make their current brand become iconic. Your brand reflects your core values, interests, and direction, and therefore having the right branding image is the first step of your journey to success.


You have your branding right, your operations is ready, now you need to get the word out – MORUS’s team of marketing gurus are here to help.


We create mouth-watering contents and deliver them to where foodies are watching!


We know just how to market to food-obsessed people who love to eat out, because we are those people. When it comes to marketing for restaurants and cafes, we do it all.


You know that satisfying feeling when you fit all the pieces of the puzzle together seamlessly? That’s what it’s like when you’re working with us.


You bring the great food and the hospitality expertise, and we’ll bring the drool-worthy content and an endless supply of marketing ideas.

Public Relations

& Digital Media

Always wanted to get your restaurant listed on Timeout, Broadsheet The Good Food, Concrete Playground or Urban List? Our enviable black book allows us to take your news directly to
the publishers.


Did you know that a link from a media source is not only great exposure, but it can also increase your Google rankings?

Social Media

Social Media is a powerful marketing tool as it delivers both a mass scale and a targeted reach. Facebook and Instagram are instantaneous mediums to launch campaigns, build brand awareness and galvanise communities.


We deliver real life results through utilising creative strategies and cutting-edge insight into the Social Media realm.


Social media for restaurants and cafes isn’t all hashtags and flat lays. We’ve perfected the art of social media marketing and our results speak for themselves.


Our paid campaigns reach tens of thousands of people within a given kilometre radius of a venue, and include retargeting, to really convert the most amount of diners.

Content Creation

Story telling underpinned with facts on the basis of research, not opinion. We provide compelling, informative, and evocative content.


We even take all the photos

We know the importance of using great photos. So much so, we have a dedicated full-time in-house photographer to ensure we get the right images and plenty of them.


‘Editorialised’ food photography is a must for a public relations campaign as it significantly increases our chances of editorial placements.

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Influencer Management

Influencers are the key to unlocking exponential growth. We identify the perfect influencers to collaborate with your brand, creating authentic connections that resonate with your target audience.

Influencer Marketing

Our influencer marketing strategies are unmatched. We curate powerful campaigns that leverage the reach of influencers to drive brand awareness, foster trust, and increase conversions.

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Franchise management is MORUS’s core business.


We take care of every step of the franchising process, from creating a scalable system, through sourcing franchisees, to managing ongoing operational enquiries – we are here to set you apart from competition and maximise the potential of your brand.


We are focused on providing potential franchisees with the greatest brand selection that suits their goal and our simplified onboarding, brand guidelines and operational model.


We are here to provide you with all the support and tools, so you can focus on your business's success.

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